In this video tutorial I run through the configuration of VMware View 5.

In this Part 2 of the VMware View 5 Video Tutorial we carry on with the VMware View 5 configuration. First up we log into the Connection Server and add in our vCenter Server. We will then enable our VMware View 5 composer option, followed by entering in our Database information for VMware View 5 Events.

I then switch screens over to my Windows 7 Base Image where we run through the simple installation of the VMware View 5 Agent. I then create a snapshot for the Windows 7 Base Image that we will be using to compose our Desktops with.

As a bonus, I show you an example of the space savings that you could experience with a Netapp SAN running deduplication on our Virtual Desktop Volume.

We are now ready to setup our first Desktop Pool, configure the options and begin composing our linked clone desktops. Once the Linked Clone desktops are ready, I will switch over to a Windows XP machine that is not connected to the primarysite.local domain. I browse to the VMware View 5 connection server, download the View 5 Client, run through the install, and successfully connect through to our Windows 7 Virtual Desktop.

This link will show you how to collect Diagnostic Information for Vmware View 4 and VMware View 5 – Collecting Diagnostic Information for VMware View

If you require VMware View 5 documentation, please visit the Resources section

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Optimizing Windows 7 and Windows 8 for Linked-Clone Desktops

VMware View 5.x Documentation – Optimizing Windows 7 and Windows 8 for Linked-Clone Desktops

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