Microsoft LDAP Base DN using DSQUERY

In this tutorial I will walk you through how to use Microsoft’s DSQUERY to query or search your Active Directory (LDAP).

DSQUERY is used to search on objects within Active Directory and provide you the location of exactly where that object is located. The location is also referred to as the BASE DN.

Besides using this tool to search on objects within your Active Directory you can also use it to provide you the BASE DN, which is extremely handy especially when configuring appliances, or virtual appliances that have an option of using Active Directory (or LDAP) authentication. The setup page for Active Directory (LDAP) authentication always asks for a BASE DN. You can now use this tool to provide the BASE DN in the configuration.

This tutorial is delivered as a video using a Windows 2012 Server Active Directory Domain Controller and we will walk you through searching on:

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Computers
  • Organisational Units

Microsoft LDAP BASE DN with DSQUERY Tutorial


All the tutorials included on this site are performed in a lab environment to simulate a real world production scenario. As everything is done to provide the most accurate steps to date, we take no responsibility if you implement any of these steps in a production environment.


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