In this tutorial we will run through restoring a full virtual machine with Veeam Backup and Replication.

1. Launch the Veeam Backup and Replication software.

2. In the right hand pane expand Backup and Replication and click on Backups. Select the virtual machine you would like to restore and click Restore entire VM.

3. A wizard will begin to guide you through the settings. Select the available restore point you wish to restore from and click Next.

4. In this screen we need to specify the host we wish to restore to, the virtual machine name, resource pool and lastly a datastore with enough free disk space. Click Next.

5. If you are restoring straight on top of the original virtual machine you will receive this warning. Click Yes to overwrite.

6. You have the option to enter a restore reason. Click Next.

7. The wizard is now complete. Click Finish to begin the restore process.

8. This screen shows the restore progress with the option to see other information such as the Parameters and Log.

9. The restore is now complete and the status is successful. Click Close. Open vCenter and power up your newly restored virtual machine.

All the tutorials included on this site are performed in a lab environment to simulate a real world production scenario. As everything is done to provide the most accurate steps to date, we take no responsibility if you implement any of these steps in a production environment.

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