In this tutorial I will guide you through the SnapManager for SQL Clone Wizard. With the Clone wizard you can clone a live database or clone a database from an existing backup set.

1. Launch the SnapManager for SQL application.

2. Select Clone Databases from existing Backup Set and click Next.

3. Select the database snapshot that you wish to clone from. To select the snapshot make sure you double click on it, just highlighting it will not allow you to click Next. Click Next.

4. Make sure the database you wish to clone is selected. If you backed up all the transaction logs you can click on the Point In Time button and select a day and time you wish to restore from. However we did not backup all the transaction logs in the previous backup so I will just click Next.

5. Click Next.

6. Give the cloned database a name and click Next.

7. I will be cloning to my other SQL server called verify1. This SQL server also has SQL 2008 R2, SnapManager for SQL and SnapDrive installed. Click Next.

8. Click Clone Settings.

9. Select the options that you wish to use and click Ok the click Next.

10. Select Leave the databases operational, but unavailable for restoring additional transaction logs and click Next.

11. Review the job summary if you wish to make changes click the Back button, if you are happy with these settings click Finish.

All the tutorials included on this site are performed in a lab environment to simulate a real world production scenario. As everything is done to provide the most accurate steps to date, we take no responsibility if you implement any of these steps in a production environment.


  1. I am having query regarding SnapManager clone wizard.After cloning is completed, normal database is created on respective instance which is as usual.But when I tried to take backup of cloned database through snapmanger again then it doesn’t allow me to even select that shows as greyed out or disabled for taking backup. Why it is not allowed ? how snapmanager deals with cloned database ?

      • Hi David..thanks for reply…..Cloned database files are created in separate mounted volumes which are getting created each time during cloning process…is there any volume specific configuration defined in SnapManager which is used to identify database that can be backed up…how it works?

        • Hi Sada yes, it needs to be laid out correctly. If you run the snapmanager configuration wizard after the cloning process you will be able to see the databases that are not in the locations that snapmanager likes. If they are not in the right locations then you cannot back it up. For example we use a volume for database1, a separate volume for database1logs, and finally a separate volume for the snapinfo directory.

      • hi David, can we specifiy multiple volumes thru configuration wizard..if possible please send screenshot for the same also it will be highly helpful….if you can send download link for snapmanager evaluation copy….

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