Netapp Clustered Ontap Disk Firmware Upgrade

Netapp Disk Firmware Upgrade

In this short tutorial I will run through the procedure on how to upgrade Netapp disk firmware on a Clustered Ontap system.

Firstly it’s a good idea to generate a fresh autosupport

::> autosupport invoke -node * -type all -message before-disk-fw-upgrade

Next you will want to download 3 files

  1. The disk qualification package which can be found at this location – Netapp Disk Qualification Package
  2. The disk firmware package which can be found at this location – Netapp Disk Firmware
  3. HTTP File Server which will be used to transfer the files from your PC to your Netapp – HFS Download

Let’s check the date of the Disk Qualification Package. Do this for each node you wish to upgrade.

::> node run -node NODE1 rdfile /etc/qual_devices_v3

Check the date against the date show in step 1.

Netapp Disk Qualification Package

If the date is the same as the Disk Qualification Package then you don’t need to update it. If it is older then you can follow these steps to update

Netapp Disk Qualification Package Update

Start your HTTP File Server application and drag and drop the Netapp Disk Qualification Package into the application

You will see in the URL bar something along the lines of:

Netapp HTTP File Server

Establish an SSH session to your Netapp cluster. We are going to check your current disk qual package version.

::> node run -node NODE1 rdfile /etc/qual_devices_v3

You can now check the date with the date of the latest disk qualification package.

To install the disk qualification package you downloaded and setup in HTTP File Server we type the following:

::> storage firmware download -node * -package-url

The file will now download from the HTTP File Server and install on each node in your cluster. After a few moments you can re-run the following command to check that the new disk qualification package has been installed.

::> node run -node NODE1 rdfile /etc/qual_devices_v3

Check the date against the first time you ran this command.

Netapp Disk Firmware Upgrade

Now that the disk qualification package has been installed we can go ahead and install the latest disk firmware

Drag and drop the file you downloaded from Netapp Disk Firmware into the HTTP File Server

We are going to jump from admin mode into advanced mode on our Netapp cluster.

::> set advanced

Let’s verify that background firmware update is set to true (it should be set as true as this is the default setting)

::> storage disk option show -fields bkg-firmware-update

Next we’ll download the file from the HTTP File Server to our Netapp cluster nodes

::> storage firmware download -node * -package-url

The file is downloaded to each node and in a minute or 2 the firmware upgrade background task will start running and one by one each disk will be upgraded.

To check the firmware levels of your disk you can type:

::> storage disk show -fields firmware-revision,model