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Netapp How to use Mbralign to correct Misalignment

Netapp Mbralign

One of the first things that Netapp Support ask you if you are experiencing any performance issues is: Are all your vm’s and data aligned correctly. Why is it important to have your alignement corrected, Simple, otherwise the system will be working much harder than what it has to for it to be able to read and write data blocks. For a great explanation on alignment, head on over to Duncan’s website at Also check out this Technical Report 3747 from Netapp in regards to Best Practices for File System Alignement in Virtual Environments.

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Netapp Virtual Storage Console – Virtual Machine Backups

In this tutorial I will guide you through creating Virtual Machine Backups using Netapp Virtual Storage Console for VMware vCenter. Virtual Storage Console has integrated “Backup and Recovery” of what used to be called Snap Manager for Virtual Infrastructure or SMVI. To use Backup and Recovery you must have a snap restore license along with a flex clone license. In this tutorial I’am using Virtual Storage Console 2.0.1. If you need help installing Virtual Storage Console please click here – Installing Netapp Virtual Storage Console. If you implement this procedure in your production environment please keep in mind you must have enough free space in the volume for snapshots, or be using a snap reserve. I run dedup or ASIS twice a day in 12 hour blocks to keep the growth to a minimum. This method of backing up your Virtual Machines is just so fast compared to conventional methods. For example to backup full consistent images of multiple Virtual Machines takes me no more than 15 seconds.