Windows Server 2022 Second Domain Controller Install

Ready to automate the installation and configuration of a secondary Active Directory Domain Controller using nothing but Powershell, then this tutorial is for you!

Don’t waste time using the GUI, learn how using a bit of Powershell can achieve precisely the same result in a fraction of the time.

Windows Domain Controller Install

In addition to the above, it is easily repeatable, and to be honest, very cool!

This tutorial follows our original video on installing a Windows 2022 Primary Active Directory Domain controller using PowerShell. If you haven’t watched that yet then please click on this link:

Topics Covered in this Tutorial

  • Using PowerShell ISE
  • Explaining Part 1 of the script (Server Config)
  • Explaining Part 2 of the script (Active Directory Config)
  • Explaining Part 3 of the script (DNS Scavenging)

Second Active Directory DC Server Install Episode

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