Windows Server 2022 Automated Active Directory Install

Automating a Windows Server 2022 Active Directory Domain Controller install using nothing but Powershell.

Using only 1 script, we are able to take an out-of-the-box Windows 2022 Server, and turn it into a production-ready Active Directory Domain Controller in a matter of minutes.

Why continue to manually install Windows Active Directory Domain Controllers when you can automate in less than half the time ?

This script is the new and improved version from the previous tutorial I wrote, titled “Learn How To Configure Windows Server 2019 Active Directory

Powershell AD Setup Script Under the Hood

Let’s take a quick look at the Windows Server 2022 configuration steps included in this automation piece. Each line of the script is explained in detail within the video below. Don’t worry if you have never used Powershell before and are a complete beginner. The video will step you through each component, and if you have any questions, you can leave a comment on the Youtube video page.

Windows Server 2022 Automated Active Directory Install

Configuration Steps:

  • IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, Primary DNS, Hostname
  • Enable/Disable Remote Desktop
  • Enable/Disable IE Enhanced Security Control
  • Active Directory Role Install
  • Active Directory Configuration
    • AD Directory Services Restore Password
    • Subnets and Site Configuration within AD Sites and Services
    • AD DNS
  • DNS Server Setup

At the end of the video, a link is provided for you to download the script free of charge. Feel free to copy, modify and try in your own labs as well.

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Following this tutorial, I will be releasing a similar video showing you how to use Microsoft Powershell to set up a secondary Active Directory Domain Controller.

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Windows Server 2022 AD Script Automation Walk-Through

I have also created a Windows Server 2022 Second Domain Controller Install video which can be found by clicking on the hyperlink.

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