How To Install And Configure VMware ESXi 8 Walkthrough

VMware released vSphere 8 in October and in traditional Sysadmin Tutorials style we are kicking off the vSphere 8 series with this ‘How to install and Configure VMware ESXi 8’

It feels like VMware only released vSphere 7 the other day, boy does time fly.

Join me on this complete walkthrough and see some of the new features ESXi 8 has to offer such as: creating port groups and switches within the installer, customizing the ESXi WebUI with your favorite colours, and much more

An example of customizing the user theme is shown below

VMware ESXi 8 User Theme Customization

Let me know if you have any questions in the video comments below.

VMware ESXi 8 Video Timecodes

  • 0:10 Downloading the VMware ESXi 8 ISO Image
  • 0:32 What is a nested environment?
  • 0:50 Important setting for nested labs
  • 1:38 Powering on VM and connecting ISO
  • 2:16 VMware ESXi installer
  • 7:00 Create standard switch and port group
  • 10:28 VMware ESXi WebUI
  • 10:57 Changing the WebUI colors
  • 12:04 How to access the ESXi shell
  • 12:48 Exploring the features and options of the ESXi WebUI

Important Links Used Within This ESXi 8 Tutorial

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