VMware ESXi 5.x PSOD #PF Exception 14 Crash Update

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There is an update to the Pink Screen of Death (PSOD) that I have been experiencing on some hosts.

I have had a ticket logged with VMware since last year on this and have had to go through multiple debug builds of ESXi to capture the necessary logs for VMware engineering to search through and find the issue.

If you remember back in this post earlier on last year https://sysadmintutorials.com/vmware-esxi-5-1-psod-pf-exception-14-crash/ I mentioned that booting the blades from FCoE caused the issue. Well after changing to booting off local disk the issue did die down but it did reappear again.

Some users have mentioned that ensuring all Virtual Machines are running VMXNET3 Network Adapters fixed a particular Pf Exeception 14 crash for them, however this was not the case for us.

To cut a long story short, VMware got back to us today with a bug in the ESXi code, when running a VDS switch with network throttling turned on. If network throttling is turned on then your host could potentially crash at some point.

VMware will be releasing a patch, however the patch will not make the next release of patches but the patch after that.

An indicative timeframe for the patches to be released are:

ESXi 5.1 Patch 04 – Expected end of April 2014.
ESXi 5.5 Patch 02 – Expected end of June 2014.

The work around for others experiencing the same issue is to disable network throttling within the VDS until the patch is released.

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