VMware Upgrade 5.5 with vSphere Distributed Switch

VMware Upgrade 5.5 of vSphere Distributed Switch

If you have upgraded your vSphere environment to vSphere 5.5 and you currently use the vSphere Distributed Switch, you will find that after the upgrade you must manually upgrade the virtual switch to version 5.5.

Within the web interface if you select your VDS and display the information on the right hand side, you will notice that there is an Upgrade available link present.

VMware Upgrade
VMware Upgrade

VMware Upgrade 5.5 VDS Pre-Requisites and Upgrade

Before upgrading to VDS 5.5 you need to make sure you have completed all pre-requisites which are:

  • vCenter must be running as version 5.5
  • All ESXi hosts must be running version 5.5

Clicking on the Upgrade available link will trigger a wizard that checks host compatibility and executes the virtual switch upgrade.

The upgrade is non-disruptive

Here is the link directly to the VMware vSphere 5.5 Documentation about upgrade your Virtual Switch

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