You Need Site24x7 Infrastructure Monitoring Now

Are you tired of missing critical alerts, only to hear about incidents from your customers first? Are you unsure about the health of your infrastructure and applications? If this resonates with you, it’s time to discover Site24x7.


What sets Site24x7 apart is its exceptional user-friendliness. With just a few simple steps, I had my entire environment monitored, default alerts in place, and performance metrics graphed. From my VMware environment to physical Cisco hardware, Site24x7 kept a vigilant eye on everything.

Monitoring Capabilities

The breadth of monitoring capabilities is truly impressive. Within my VMware environment, I could delve into intricate details for virtual machines, datastores, clusters, and resource pools. As time passed, the ability to view historical graphs greatly assisted with trending and forecasting. Customizing thresholds for specific metrics was a breeze, ensuring timely alerts. Additionally, the IT Automation templates provided an effective way to set up automated reactions in response to the status of your monitor.

Alerting is made simple with the intuitive user interface, offering a plethora of customizable options to keep any Sysadmin content.

Transitioning to physical hardware, Site24x7 seamlessly integrated with our Cisco catalyst switch. The interface and options mirrored our VMware setup, allowing us to configure thresholds and alerts in exactly the same way.

Windows Server Monitoring

Windows server monitoring was a seamless process. The Site24x7 agent, installed on the server and linked to my account, swiftly gathered data. What’s truly remarkable is the agent’s ability to identify and monitor not just standard Windows components, but also critical applications like Active Directory, Exchange, SQL, IIS, SharePoint, Failover Cluster, Hyper-V, Windows Update, and more.

Let’s not overlook the power of stunning, informative dashboards – they’re a hit with colleagues and bosses alike! Site24x7 makes creating customized dashboards a breeze. Thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you’ll have impressive visuals ready for display in no time.

If you’re grappling with infrastructure and application monitoring, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Site24x7 a 30-day trial. Experience firsthand the effectiveness of this powerful solution. Say goodbye to missed alerts and hello to proactive monitoring!

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