Netapp Unified Manager Upgrade 6.3 RC1 to 6.3 GA Invalid ISO

There is currently a small issue when trying to upgrade from Netapp Unified Manager 6.3 RC1 to 6.3 GA, where by at the beginning of the upgrade the wizard cannot find the CDROM and displays:

Invalid ISO

Make sure that a valid ISO is mounted on the virtual CD/DVD device

This is documented in Netapp’s KB Article

Netapp Unified Manager 6.3 RC1 – Create a new Symbolic Link for the CDROM

The fix is to create a new symbolic link for the CDROM drive

  1. Login as your maintenance user
  2. Select option 4
  3. type erds
  4. Create a new UNIX password for the diag user
  5. Now create a new SSH session to the Unified Manager Server
  6. Login as diag and the password you created in step 4 above
  7. Type: sudo ln -sf /cdrom /media/cdrom

You can then exit the diag ssh session and attempt the upgrade again


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