Netapp Migration from 1Gb to 10Gb

This week we have migrated a Netapp SAN from using the 1Gb ports to using the 10Gb ports. Instead of creating a new page in the tutorials section I will just highlight the steps here in this post.

This is the scenario:

  • 2 x Netapp Controllers in HA. ControllerA and ControllerB
  • vif0 using 2 x 1Gb links e0a and e0b
  • Wanting to migrate vif0 to 2 x 10Gb links e1a and e1b

Current /etc/rc settings for vif0:

  • ifgrp create lacp vif0 -b ip e0a e0b
  • ifconfig e0a trusted -wins mediatype auto flowcontrol send
  • ifconfig e0b trusted -wins mediatype auto flowcontrol send


  1. Failover Controller B – From ControllerA type cf takeover. Wait until ControllerB says, waiting for giveback… before proceeding to the next step
  2. On the CLI of Controller A type partner. This will log you onto ControllerB. Edit the RC file so that it looks like this:
    • ifgrp create lacp vif0 -b ip e1a e1b
    • ifconfig e1a trusted -wins mediatype auto flowcontrol none
    • ifconfig e1b trusted -wins mediatype auto flowcontrol none
  3. Plug in the 10Gb links to your switch
  4. Type in Partner which will put you back into the CLI for ControllerA.
  5. Type in CF giveback. The Controller will startup now on the 10Gb link.
  6. Repeat this process by logging onto the CLI for ControllerB and taking over ControllerA



  1. Hi,

    I have FAS 3220 with Dual 10G Ethernet Controller CNA SFP+. We do not have 10G switch. Can I use this ports with 1G SFP switch ?


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