Netapp Clustered Ontap Adding Disks

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Clustered Ontap Adding Disks

When adding disks into an existing aggregate you expand the current Raid Group and also potentially create new Raid Groups. As the Data is already spread across existing Disks and Raid groups it is necessary to manually reallocate your volumes across all the new disks and raid groups within the aggregate.

Clustered Ontap CLI Commands

To add a disk into an existing aggregate within Clustered Ontap you can simply use the GUI to edit the existing aggregate and type in the number of spare disks that you wish to add, or you can use the CLI:

CLUSTER::> aggregate add-disks -aggregate <aggregate_name> -diskcount <amount_of_disks_to_add>

Once the disks have been added into the aggregate and the status of the aggregate is normal you can now reallocate each volume on this aggregate.

CLUSTER::> reallocate start -vserver vmware -path /vol/datastore1 -force true -once true
The above command reallocates volume datastore1 on vserver vmware and it will only run once.

For more Netapp Clustered Ontap CLI commands please visit my Netapp Clustered Ontap CLI Pocket Guide Page

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