Netapp C-Mode Updating LS-Mirror on Root to Replicate Changes

This is just a quick post to let you know about a small issue that I ran into with ls-mirrors on the root volume of a vserver.

If you plan to make any changes on the vserver such as add or adjust nfs exports, the settings might not come into play until the ls-mirror schedule has kicked in and triggered an update.

In my case I would set up a new NFS export or add an IP address to the rules and would have to wait about an hour until I was able to successfully mount the NFS volume.

This is due to the ls-mirror destinations not having the latest settings. The settings are not replicated to the destinations until the snapmirror schedule kicks in and triggers an update.

If you need your settings to work in a hurry, it’s better to jump into the CLI and trigger a snapmirror update-ls-set -source-path (your source path)

Once the update has finished, your new settings will work immediately.

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