How to manually remove or uninstall Netapp Storage Replication Adapter SRA

Manual Uninstall of Netapp Storage Replication Adapter

Today I came across this issue while performing a VMware SRM upgrade from 4.1 to 5. I originally had VMware SRM 4.1 along with Netapp Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) 1.4.x. I completed the upgrade to VMware SRM 5 and when it came time to uninstall the previous version of the Netapp SRA I received this error:

Another version of this product is already install. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version of this produc, use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel

The reason for this error is that you upgraded to VMware SRM 5 before uninstalling the Netapp SRA 1.4.x adapter.

I found this article on the Netapp Knowledge Base detailing the steps involved to manually uninstall or remove the Netapp Storage Replication Adapter SRA.

Solution – Netapp Storage Replication Adapter SRA

To manually remove the SRA for SRM 4 so that you can install SRA 2.0 for SRM 5, follow the process below on all required SRM servers:

WARNING: This process involves editing the windows registry.  It is always recommended to make a backup of the registry before performing manual edits of registry information.

  1. Delete the registry key for the NetApp adapter product:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARENetApp IncNetApp Disaster Recovery Adapter
    Note: On a 64bit system, this is located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432nodeNetApp IncNetApp Disaster Recovery Adapter
  2. Delete the registry key that identifies the install/uninstall entry:
    Note: this is the location on a 64bit system, you may need to search the /Products/ location in the registry to find the correct entry to remove.  The correct entry to remove is the one that has NetApp Disaster Recovery Adapter in the ProductName field.
  3. If you made any changes in ontap_config.txt file, save a copy of it to a different location. It is stored at <install_drive>:Program FilesVMwareVMware vCenter Site Recovery ManagerscriptsSANONTAP.
  4. Delete the ONTAP folder at <install_drive>:Program FilesVMwareVMware vCenter Site Recovery ManagerscriptsSANONTAP
  5. NetApp SRA 2.0 supports similar configuration options in the ontap_config.txt file. Apply the configuration settings from the previous adapter’s ontap_config.txt file into the ontap_config.txt file for the new adapter.
  6. You may now install SRM version 5 and then install NetApp Storage Replication Adapter 2.0 for SRM 5.

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