Learn How To Configure Windows Server 2019 Active Directory

A few comments came in via my Youtube channel requesting a new Active Directory setup tutorial. Especially with some of the VMware Center tutorials requiring some form of DNS.

As a result, here we are with what the followers have requested. Utilizing Microsoft Windows Server 2019.

This video did take a little longer to make due to the fact that I wanted to not only show you guys how to setup Active Directory via the GUI, but how to also accomplish the same task via Powershell.

Before diving into automation and using Powershell, it’s important that you understand all the working components of Active Directory and what it looks like setting it up in the GUI.

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Active Directory

Active Directory Setup With The GUI

We start this tutorial with a brand new installation of Windows Server 2019, therefore we must set a few crucial components such as the hostname and a static IP address. Optionally we can also enable Remote Desktop and disable ‘IE Enhanced Security Configuration’

Within Servermanager we then install the necessary Roles for Active Directory and enter some basic configuration.

This is followed by further configuration within DNS and lastly, Active Direcotry Sites and Services.

Automating an Active Directory Install with Powershell

Upon completion of the GUI setup, I then revert the server back to its original state via a previous snapshot.

Now comes the fun part. I’ve written 3 scripts that will automate the entire process we went through with the GUI method. Within the video below I walk you through step-by-step how the script works, and what variables you need to change to suite your environment.

With automating a task like this, firstly the speed of deployment is much faster, but most importantly we can utilize the same scripts to configure more domain controllers. Because they do say, if you need to do anything more than once, Automate it!!

Windows Server 2019 Active Directory Domain Controller Install

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