Check Point migrate export no space left on device

When running the Check Point migrate export command to backup your Check Point device you may come across the following error:

gzip: out.tar.gz: No space left on device
Execution finished with error. See log file <path of log file> for further details.

This happens because the temporary folder $FWDIR/tmp/migrate being used during the backup is stored on the root partition.

To redirect the location for temporary files to an alternate location with more space such as /var/log/<folder_name> type the following commands:

  1. Create a directory called migrate in /var/log
  2. mkdir /var/log/migrate
  3. Remove the current migrate folder if it exists
  4. cd $FWDIR/tmp
  5. rm -r migrate
  6. Create a symlink
  7. ln -s /var/log/migrate migrate

Now run the upgrade_export or migrate command as usual

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