BgInfo and Group Policy

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I have previously used BgInfo and find it such a great tool for displaying some key information on the desktop of servers such as hostname, username, ip address, cpu, free space, last boot time, etc Have a look below at my lab server running BgInfo

BgInfo Demo
BgInfo Demo

You have a few options to run BgInfo and have the information displayed on your desktop.

Option 1: Create a batch file and place it into the Windows Start Up folder so that it runs each time the user logs on. The only issue with this is that you must do this on each individual server. What happens if you need to run BgInfo on 100’s of servers ?

Option 2: Create a batch file and run it as a script with Group Policy. Attach the Group Policy to an OU where your servers are located and each server will be updated automatically.

First Step, download BgInfo here from SysInternal:

Second Step, check out Ahmed Bayoumy’s step-by-step guide on configuring BgInfo, creating a simple batch file and applying it to a new Group Policy.

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