Because VIX is not installed on this machine

I’ve come across this error message a few times now when running VMware PowerCLI scripts, especially the command wait-tools. The exact error that I receive is:

The requested operation could not be performed because VIX is not installed on this machine. Please install VIX if you want to use this

I have found that this is caused by either 2 problems:

  1. The VIX version that is installed is old – Uninstall VMware VIX in Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features, Uninstall PowerCLI and install a newer PowerCLI version. This will also install a new version of VMware VIX.
  2. The Commandlet you are trying to run is a 32-bit command and not able to run under 64-bit – In this case launch 32-bit powershell and run the command from there.

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