Automating The Installation Of VMware ESXi With PowerCLI

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I saved a tweet a while back from William Lam about the ability to send keystrokes to a VM via PowerCLI. The first thing that popped into mind is “Automating a nested ESXi installation”. As you could imagine this would be extremely convenient in spinning up a new VMware Lab.

Last weekend was the day for testing this out!

The script works by a function that allows you to specify which keystrokes to send via vCenter Server, directly to the VM. For example, as you type a word, IP address, etc, the script will loop through each character and send them 1-by-1 to the VM. Let’s say you want to set the IP address for your ESXi host, you can simply send and voila, it will appear on the host.

The script function that William Lam provides is more than awesome in itself, however, I made a few tweaks to add additional functionality. What mods did I make you ask?

The original script is great for single digit characters, however, what if I need to send a function key such as F2 or press the ESC key?

Automating VMware ESXi Installations – Modifications to Original Function

In order to allow for these special keys, I had to change the mandatory -StringInput switch to being optional. I also added another switch called -SpecialKeyInput which includes:

  • All functions keys (F1-F12)
  • Keyboard TAB, ESC, Backspace, Enter
  • Keyboard Up, Down, Left, Right

With the extra modifications being set, it was time to start creating the script line by line. You will find the entire script below. It is important to note that you must do the following before running the script:

  • You will need PowerCLI – You can find the install instructions here
  • The script requires a minimum of ESXi 6.5
  • Set all your variables in the “Set your variables here” section of the script
  • There are sleep timers in the script of 5 seconds. I found within my lab some windows took 1-2 seconds to appear after pressing enter
  • There are some Pauses in the script which allows you to double check a setting or wait for the install. (Optionally you could remove the PAUSE and set a long Sleep timer such as 5 mins)
  • Boot your ESXi VM to the installation screen (see screenshot below)

Automating VMware ESXi Install with PowerCLI

Automating VMware ESXi with PowerCLI Demonstration


Automating ESXi Installation PowerCLI Script

Before running the script in your lab, please watch the video above so you can see what the whole process looks like and how the script will behave.

NOTE: The Debug output is turned on for all Set-VMKeyStrokes. You can disable Debug Output by changing the switch from -DebugOn $True to -DebugOn $False

GITHUB: The script is also available on my Github page


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