Installing VMware ESXi 5


In this tutorial I will guide you through a fresh installation of VMware ESXi 5.


VMware ESXi 5 Install

1. Either burn or mount the ESXi 5 iso image to the DVD drive of the server and let the server boot from dvd.

esxi 5

2. The dvd continues to boot.

esxi 5

3. Press enter to continue at the Welcome to VMware ESXi 5 Installation screen.

esxi 5

4. Press F11 to accept the End User License Agreement.

esxi 5

5. Select the hard drive you wish to install VMware ESXi 5 onto and press Enter.

esxi 5

6. Select your keyboard layout and press Enter.

esxi 5

7. VMware have added in this step as opposed to previous version. Here we will enter in the root password that we wish to use. In previous version you would enter in the root password after ESXi is installed. When you are finished press enter.

esxi 5

8. Press F11 to begin installing ESXi 5.

esxi 5

9. The installation process.

esxi 5

10. Once the installation is complete you are required to reboot the server. Press enter.

esxi 5

11. VMware ESXi 5 is now installed. Move onto the next tutorial to begin setting a static ipaddress, dns, etc.

esxi 5

Installing VMware ESXi 5 Video Tutorial

If you have any technical questions about this tutorial or any other tutorials on this site, please open a new thread in the forums and the community will be able to help you out.

All the tutorials included on this site are performed in a lab environment to simulate a real world production scenario. As everything is done to provide the most accurate steps to date, we take no responsibility if you implement any of these steps in a production environment.

  • Anonymous

    Love the tutorial but do you also have one like this for upgrade as well?  This one is just for install and there are a few different steps in an upgrade.

    • Hi Matt, thanks for your comment. Yes definately, i’ll be working on this tonight and tomorrow and will have it up as soon as I can. It will most probably been screens as opposed to video

  • Ricardo

    how I install a licencese file.lic

    • To install a license for ESXi you need to have vCenter Server. You then enter in the license key to your vCenter server and allocate them to your ESXi hosts.

  • Hassanazmat

    how to make partitions with the installation of ESXi 5.0 ??

    • Hi Hassanazmat, you can’t in ESXi only in ESX

      • Ravinda

        Hi , When installing ESXi 5.0 the setup program doesn’t ditect any storage device to install. I am installing it on a new hard drive. How do I solve this issue

        • What system are you trying to install it on. ESXi 5 might not be compatible with your storage card, therefore you won’t see the hard drive

  • A.Roohbakhsh

    very nice … tank you

  • Sanjuwalia007

    its good
    sanjeev walia

  • Sivaruba Raghavan

    am undertanding this video thank u>>