My name is David Rodriguez and I have been working the Information Technology Industry for the last 17 years. I am passionate about my work and thanks to my exposure and extensive experience, I am able to share my knowledge with you today.

I have been working in the I.T. sector since 1998. Firstly starting in sales, I moved to a computer assembly role where I would build workstations from scratch. Building up my knowledge of how these machines actually work, allowed me to move into a more challenging computer technician role. Moving away from building workstations, I started to focus more on the server and networking side. Not only working on servers such as IBM, HP, Compaq and Dell, but also working on small networks, began to lead me further into developing my skills.

As I had a hunger to constantly improve and progress, I was on the lookout for the opportunity to step into a bigger company, where I could learn a lot more about networking and the server environment. I found this in an ISP in Sydney. I have been with them since 2001 and I am constantly exposed to the latest technology. I am able to attend courses and continuously study to keep my Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Netapp and Check Point certifications up to date. Our company is not only an ISP but also heads up a Professional Services and Voice Team. We are constantly exposed to VMware, Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, EMC, Netapp and many other vendors.

I was wanting to create a website for a while now, that would allow system admins to follow a simple step-by-step guide in how to implement a vast array of technologies. And so was born. I will create as many tutorials as I can, so check back frequently or subscribe to my RSS feed.

Hope you find this website helpful and if you have any suggestions or comments please use the Contact Us page..

Happy learning!

David Rodriguez

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